Saturday, October 31, 2020

Portfolio Summary for October 2020

As of 31 October 2020


Security# sharesPrice S$%
OCBC Bank1,5008.426.69
ST Engineering4,1003.497.57
Powermatic Data2,8002.563.79
Genting Singapore11,7000.6453.99
China Sunsine31,0000.3956.48
HC Surgical35,5000.3256.11
Nam Lee Metal28,2000.314.63
Silverlake Axis40,0000.255.29
Portfolio Value = $188,914

Trade Actions
- Bought 16,400 shares of HC Surgical Specialists.
- Bought 19,200 shares of Silverlake Axis.


Security# sharesPrice S$%
OCBC Bank9008.4212.13
ST Engineering1,7003.499.50
CapitaMall Trust3,6001.739.97
Sheng Siong8,7001.6723.25
HC Surgical19,5000.3259.97
Portfolio Value = $62,480

Trade Actions
- None

The local stock market ended the month on a bloody note. A Bloomberg article remarked Singapore had overtaken Thailand to become Asia's worst stock market [news]. The COVID-19 virus is still on a rampage through Europe and the pending U.S. Presidential Election gave investors pause in chasing the momentum.

On my watchlist, both Singtel and CapitaLand hit their 52-week low. I would understand the bearish thesis on Singtel - there is the intense telco competition in several countries that the company and its affliates operate in (Singapore, India and Australia). Moreover, there is the massive 5G expenditure in the coming years, which leads some to believe Singtel will have to cut its dividend further to conserve cash. However, I do not understand why the market hammered CapitaLand too. CapitaMall Trust and CapitaCommercial Trust recently completed their merger, forming a new entity. Its various business divisions seem to be showing new shoots of recovery. Perhaps there is something that I am missing out.

In October, I decided to add stakes in HC Surgical Specialists and SilverLake Axis. There is no special reason, other than the stocks came within my targeted price range.

Two companies on my watchlist, Micro-Mechanics and Sheng Siong reported strong profit growth. However, at their current prices, I deem the stocks to be slightly too expensive for my liking. I will only consider them if and when they come within my targeted price range.

Only two months till we end Year 2020. Looking back 12 months ago, it is out of anyone's expectations that a virus will wreck havoc on the human race and artificially induce a global recession. We can only hope that the situation will remain under control, and that the introduction of a vaccine next year will help to curb the spread of the pandemic further.

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