Thursday, August 31, 2023

Portfolio Summary for August 2023

As of 31 August 2023


Security # shares Price S$ %
DBS 400 33.30 3.71
UOB 400 28.44 3.17
OCBC Bank 700 12.55 2.45
SGX 2,700 9.63 7.24
ST Engineering 6,900 3.81 7.32
CapitaLand Investment 7,400 3.24 6.68
SATS 8,200 2.59 5.92
Powermatic Data 8,500 2.80 6.63
TheHourGlass 5,000 1.96 2.73
Micro-Mechanics 14,200 1.89 7.48
VICOM 17,800 1.55 7.69
Sheng Siong 19,100 1.52 8.09
Nanofilm 21,600 1.06 6.38
Genting Singapore 11,700 0.875 2.85
Credit Bureau Asia 14,300 0.925 3.69
HRnetGroup 21,900 0.745 4.55
TalkMed Group 14,500 0.40 1.62
China Sunsine 41,800 0.40 4.66
HC Surgical 35,500 0.36 3.56
Kimly 27,000 0.32 2.41
Silverlake Axis 15,000 0.285 1.19
Portfolio Market Value = $358,937
YTD Dividends Received = $10,229
YTD SBL Fees Received = $801

- Bought 6,200 shares of Nanofilm.
- Bought 3,800 shares of VICOM.
- Bought 6,100 shares of Sheng Siong.


Security # shares Price S$ %
DBS 100 33.30 2.52
UOB 200 28.44 4.30
OCBC Bank 900 12.55 8.54
SGX 1,300 9.63 9.46
ST Engineering 3,000 3.81 8.64
CapitaLand Investment 2,600 3.24 6.37
SATS 3,800 2.59 7.44
Powermatic Data 3,400 2.80 7.19
Micro-Mechanics 5,400 1.89 7.71
VICOM 5,500 1.55 6.44
Sheng Siong 8,700 1.52 9.99
Nanofilm 5,500 1.06 4.41
Credit Bureau Asia 5,700 0.925 3.98
TalkMed Group 5,800 0.40 1.75
China Sunsine 10,800 0.40 3.26
HC Surgical 19,500 0.36 5.30
Kimly 5,800 0.32 1.40
Silverlake Axis 6,000 0.285 1.29
Portfolio Market Value = $132,332


Singapore Savings Bonds

Security Amount ($) Avg Yld %
GX18070N 12,500 2.63
GX22120S 14,000 3.47
GX23010Z 15,000 3.26
Portfolio Market Value = $41,500

I enjoyed August. My family celebrated three birthdays; term tests are over for my kiddos and I took a handful of leave days to get away from work. I was able to take things down a notch and recharge my spirit.

Investments-wise, nothing major happened in my portfolios. As the price of Nanofilm sunk to an all-time low, I took another bite. I find this company to be a good indicator of China's manufacturing industry right now, which isn't performing well. Nonetheless, I'm confident the company fundamentals are still intact. Growth will resume once China is able to revitalize its production-led economy.

I also picked up Vicom and Sheng Siong as their stock prices retreated. I'm eyeing the local banks too. Their prices have steadily declined, despite having achieved stellar Q3 results. Once they hit my entry point, I will accumulate. The banks are the strongest candidates to raise their dividends.

Speaking of banks, I came across a good article in the Business Times titled "Bank customers lose out as industry holds on to rate-hike gains" [link]. Banks do not always pass on the interest rate hikes to savers. That is why there is NIM expansion. IMO, it is better to be both a saver and a bank stockholder.

The year-to-date dividend income from my CDP portfolio has crossed $10k. While it isn't a lot of money (when you average it out per month), I had saved my hard-earned money and invested instead of splurging on stuff. It is the fruit of my frugality. I sincerely hope my dividend income stream will continue to grow over the years.

As mentioned previously, I'm in the midst of adjusting my investment focus. I want to ditch the lower ROE stocks in favour of the few stronger companies. But at present, I don't see an urgent need to sell off those holdings when prices are going nowhere. Moreover, I have sufficient dry powder (cash) to add on positions when a buying opportunity appears. So I'm adopting a wait-and-see attitude. Akan datang.

We are already three quarters into 2023. After spending eight years in my current job, I've decided to apply for a Sales role in another department. The skill set required is way out of my comfort zone. Yet, there is the thrill of embarking on a new challenge and stretching my capabilities further. It has been a long time since I last attended an interview. I sought advice from my former colleagues who are now in Sales. I'm glad to see them enjoying the job and thriving. I hope to follow in their footsteps. I've pored over YouTube videos on Sales interview tips and tricks, so that I can be prepared. I have told myself - Even if I do not get the job, at least I've done my best and benefited from the learning experience. No regrets.

Wish me luck!

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