Monday, October 29, 2018

Taking a Hard Look At Myself

This is a blog to track my progress towards building a comfortable retirement nest egg.  Here is a look at my stocks and savings portfolio so far (as of 28 Oct 2018):

Cash Portfolio

Equity  (Stock  /  # Shares)
AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT  /  2,150

Fixed Income  (Security  /  Amount)
S'pore Savings Bond GX18070N  /  $12,500
S'pore Savings Bond GX18080F  /  $15,500
S'pore Savings Bond GX18090T  /  $20,000
S'pore Savings Bond GX18100V  /  $16,000
Hyflux 6% Perpetual Security  /  $5,000 (defaulted)
Maybank fixed deposit  /  $54,000
Etiqa eEASY Save  /  $45,000


SRS Portfolio

Equity  (Stock  /  # Shares)
Capitaland Commerical Trust  /  3,000
Frasers Centrepoint Trust  /  3,000
Frasers Commercial Trust  /  2,369
SembCorp  /  2,000
Singtel  /  2,000
Keppel Corp  /  1000

Fixed Income  (Security  /  Amount)

Great Eastern GREAT220  /  $50,000



I made a mistake investing in the Hyflux perpetual security.  I was quite concerned with the company's high debt amount during the IPO, but my greed got the better of me.  Now the security is in default.  *sigh*

I am in the midst of redeeming S'pore Savings Bond GX18040W, which I did not include in the above table.  The amount invested was $20,000.  If my calculation is correct, the average yield for next month's SSB should be high (approx. 2.57%).  I intend to subscribe for that SSB.

I did not include my rainy day savings in OCBC 360 account ($70,000).  I also did not include those bank accounts that I use for my day to day transactions.

I did not include the monies in my alternative investments, such as my Funding Societies account.  But the amounts are small and not worth mention.


In summary, I give myself a C grade when it comes to building my retirement nest egg so far.  Haha.  I hope with blogging, I can stay focused and build it up.

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