Saturday, November 30, 2019

Portfolio Summary for November 2019

As of 30 November 2019

Cash Equity

Security# SharesPricePortfolio %
DBS Group400$25.2523.07%
ST Engineering2,500$4.1323.58%
Old Chang Kee5,000$0.748.45%
Portfolio Market Value = $43,787

SRS Equity

Security# SharesPricePortfolio %
Sheng Siong Group8,700$1.2522.19%
CapitaCommercial Trust3,000$2.0112.30%
Frasers Commercial Trust2,481$1.648.45%
Portfolio Market Value = $49,015

It was a mundane November.  I did not execute any trade, as the prices remained high.  Earnings reporting season has come to an end.  It was a mixed bag of results for the companies on my watchlist.  Those that reported better than expected earnings saw their stock prices spiked; those that reported worse than expected earnings saw their stock nothing.  (It was as if the market is simply waiting for a reason to buy in.)

I had written off the value of my Hyflux perpetual bond, but lately there was news that the company has struck a S$400 million rescue deal with Emirati utilities group Utico (news).  If the deal gets approved, I should be able to salvage S$1,500 (A 85% loss is better than a 100% loss, right?).  However, just a day after, there was rumour of Hyflux's creditors disagreeing on the incentive fee paid to the advisors (news).  (Sigh. The drama lives on.)

On the economic front, the U.S.-China trade tango continues.  There was indication that the two superpowers are coming to terms for a "Phase One" deal (news), although it may not be in time for Christmas.  I am reminded of the scene in the family car where the children (read: the market) ask the father (President Trump) for the umpteenth time, "Are we there yet?" and the father replies, "Almost, but not quite."

School holiday has started.  My family and I hopped on a short getaway to Taiwan.  We visited Taipei, Taichung and the scenic Taroko Gorge.  Fresh air certainly helps to relieve the stress of living in a cosmopolitan city.

Trade Actions

None.  Prices were unfavorable in my opinion.


Next month's Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) will have an average yield around 1.76%.  Slightly better than last month, and comparable to current fixed deposit promotions in the market now (link).

Looking Ahead

We have come to the last month of the year.  Typically, I will take this time to reflect on my accomplishments and disappointments during the year, so that I will learn the lessons and become a little wiser.

Happy holidays, my friends.

May the festive spirit fill your home and bring cheer to your family!

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