Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Portfolio Summary for November 2022

As of 30 November 2022


Security# sharesPrice S$%
OCBC Bank70012.442.35
ST Engineering6,9003.436.39
CapitaLand Investment7,4003.677.33
Powermatic Data8,5002.656.08
Sheng Siong13,0001.655.79
Credit Bureau Asia14,3000.953.67
Genting Singapore11,7000.882.78
HC Surgical35,5000.343.26
China Sunsine41,8000.4054.57
TalkMed Group14,5000.381.49
Silverlake Axis15,0000.3751.52
Portfolio Market Value = $370,292

- Bought 2,200 shares of Nanofilm Technologies.


Security# sharesPrice S$%
OCBC Bank90012.448.03
ST Engineering3,0003.437.38
CapitaLand Investment2,6003.676.84
Powermatic Data3,4002.656.46
Sheng Siong8,7001.6510.29
Credit Bureau Asia5,7000.953.88
HC Surgical19,5000.344.75
China Sunsine10,8000.4053.14
TalkMed Group5,8000.381.58
Silverlake Axis6,0000.3751.61
Portfolio Market Value = $139,476

- Bought 1,400 shares of Nanofilm Technologies.

Singapore Savings Bonds

SecurityAmount ($)
Portfolio Market Value = $26,500

The equity markets had no lack of action in the month of November.  Whenever there was any sign that the U.S. Fed may hike interest rate less than expected, the markets shot up.  Whenever there was any sign that China may go into lockdown mode (again), the markets tanked.

It has been a long time ago that we have seen interest rates in the region of 3 to 4 percent.  A recent poll of experts put the terminal Fed Funds Rate at around 4.75 to 5 percent [news].  If that is the case, the lending rate on mortgages is likely to peak between 5 and 6 percent.  The MAS warned that with rising interest rates and growing cost pressures due to elevated inflation, some households are likely to face increasing financial stress and may encounter difficulties in servicing their mortgages [news].

Price of Nanofilm Technologies plunged to an all-time low, as investors grew despondent about China's Zero-COVID policy, despite the fact that Nanofilm reported a 10% YoY revenue growth [here] for 9M2022.  I loaded on the shares, as I believe the company's long-term prospect is still good.  Again, I emphasize Nanofilm is one of my three strategic bets, and is unlikey to generate positive cashflows in the near term.

I had some major expenses this month which drained my savings till it nearly hit the minimum account limit.  I was tempted to transfer money out of my portfolio cash account, but that would totally destroy my 'pay oneself first' habit.  One transgression will soon lead to another.  Thankfully, the dividends were credited in the nick of time.

I received dividends from SGX, HC Surgical Specialists, Silverlake Axis, Micro-Mechanics, iFast, DBS and The Hour Glass, which literally saved me.  The amount totaled $1,701.10.  While it was not much, it is after all, the fruit of my investment strategy, and I cherished every cent.

I am looking forward to the day when my portfolio can provide sufficient passive income to cover my expenses so that I can call it a day from my job.  That said, it is not prudent to rely solely on dividends alone.  As the recent COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated, companies can cut dividends in a jiffy to conserve cash.  One will need to have multiple streams of income to tide over any crisis.

At an average yield above 3 percent, the Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) is looking increasingly attractive compared to equities on a risk-reward basis.  I will begin to subscribe for them again.  The demand is red-hot, according to what I have read [news].

Financial matters aside, I just came back from a cruise trip onboard Royal Caribbean's Spectrum of the Seas.  It was a wonderful break for me, even though the ship was packed to the brim with people.  I heard from the service staff that the ship is fully booked (5,000-plus guests) till the end of December.  Luckily, I chose the Grand Suite, so we had a separate dining area which is what I enjoyed the most.  No need to chope seats during mealtimes.  However, we still had to queue one and a half hours to play the Bumper Cars.  We also had to queue early to get good seats for the shows.

At the Royal Theatre, waiting for the show to start.

Nonetheless, it was a better experience compared to our previous three cruises, as my sons are older now and they can navigate their own way around the ship, choosing their activities while my wife and I simply laze around.  I also tried Ripcord by iFly, my first air tunnel skydiving experience.  It was truly memorable.  (I wish I can try skydiving for real, but my wife will surely object!)

For those who have never been on a cruise before, I strongly recommend to try it, but during an off-peak season if you don't like crowds.

We have finally reached the last month of the year.  2022 has been marred by the Russian-Ukraine war, as well as runaway inflation.  While the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, it is less of a concern now, judging by the large number of Singaporeans who choose not to wear a mask in public unless mandated.  I sincerely hope things will get better next year.  My grand wish is for the war to end, the pandemic to cease, inflation to be contained, and the recession to be averted.

Here's wishing you and your family Happy Holidays!

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