Friday, November 30, 2018

Summary for November 2018

It has been a roller coaster ride for the Singapore stock market this month.  Investors seem to be swinging from optimism to depression depending on what is the favourite news of the day.  I didn't do a single stock trade, even though I was monitoring the market everyday.

1.  I subscribed for this month's Singapore Saving Bond GX18120X.  I was surprised to get my full allocation of $20,000.  At an average yield of 2.57% per annum, I thought there would be more people subscribing for this issue. 

2.  A few days ago, our financial advisor had informed us about Singlife's new 3-year endowment tranche (link).  The yield is a compounding 3% per annum.  Sadly, Singlife only allowed a maximum investment of $6,000 per person.  My wife and me decided to grab the opportunity, even though our budget was a bit stretched.

3.  One of our insurance agent friends informed us about an upcoming Great Eastern endowment policy, with a guaranteed payout rate of 2.2% per annum.  However, my kiddo's endowment policy premium is due next month, I have to set aside cash to pay for it.  Hence, we decided to give this opportunity a miss.

One more month to go before the year ends.  Some major cash outflows coming up in December (and it is not because of Christmas.)

Till next time!

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Singapore Savings Bond GX18120X

I have successfully redeemed my April 2018 Singapore Savings Bond (SSB).  The average yield over ten years was 2.31%.  I have decided to use the money and subscribe for this month's SSB (code: GX18120X).  The average yield is higher at 2.57%.

If you are wondering how to forecast the average yield for next month's SSB, you can refer to the MAS website (here).  Simply download the daily 10-year bond yield for the latest month.  Next month's SSB yield will be the average of these values.

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