Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Portfolio Summary for April 2024

As of 30 April 2024


Security # shares Price S$ %
DBS 404 34.90 4.06
UOB 400 30.40 3.50
OCBC Bank 700 14.25 2.87
SGX 3,200 9.36 8.63
ST Engineering 6,900 4.03 8.01
Powermatic Data 8,500 2.97 7.28
Micro-Mechanics 18,400 1.41 7.48
TheHourGlass 19,600 1.60 9.04
Sheng Siong 19,100 1.55 8.53
VICOM Ltd 21,500 1.40 8.67
Credit Bureau Asia 14,300 0.92 3.79
HRnetGroup 21,900 0.715 4.51
Nanofilm 36,100 0.65 6.76
China Sunsine 41,800 0.415 5.00
TalkMed Group 34,500 0.41 4.08
Kimly 27,000 0.30 2.33
HC Surgical 35,500 0.26 2.66
Silverlake Axis 37,100 0.26 2.78
Portfolio Value = S$346,995
YTD Dividends Received = S$1,465
YTD SBL Fees Received = S$52



Security # shares Price S$ %
SGX 1,300 9.36 12.04
Micro-Mechanics 5,400 1.41 7.53
TheHourGlass 5,000 1.60 7.92
Sheng Siong 8,700 1.55 13.34
VICOM Ltd 5,500 1.40 7.62
Credit Bureau Asia 5,700 0.92 5.19
HRnetGroup 7,500 0.715 5.31
Nanofilm 12,500 0.65 8.04
China Sunsine 10,800 0.415 4.43
Kimly 5,800 0.30 1.72
HC Surgical 19,500 0.26 5.02
Silverlake Axis 6,000 0.26 1.54
NetLink NBN Trust 24,000 0.855 20.30
Portfolio Value = S$101,071

- Sold 200 shares of UOB.
- Sold 5,800 shares of TalkMed Group.

Singapore Savings Bonds

Security Amount (S$) Avg Yld %
GX22120S 14,000 3.47
GX23010Z 15,000 3.26
GX23110V 20,000 3.32
GX23120Z 20,000 3.40
Portfolio Value = S$69,000

Speculative Play

Security # shares Price US$
Kep Pacific Oak REIT 70,000 0.137
Portfolio Value = US$9,590


We have come to the end of April.  The weather has been terribly hot.  It is more summer now than spring.  Thank heavens for air conditioning.  I consider it mankind's greatest invention ever.

A cool head - and heaps of patience - is needed right now, as market sentiment swings between positivity due to robust earnings and negativity due to persistent inflation.  For all the volatility, the local Straits Times Index had only inched up 1.6 per cent year-to-date in contrast to the S&P 500 Index which had soared 7.3 per cent over the same period.  I did not accumulate any stock in my watchlist, as the prices did not hit my trigger point.  Meanwhile, I continue to reduce the number of holdings in my SRS portfolio as planned.

Many listed companies are publishing their Annual Reports and holding their Annual General Meetings (AGM) around this time.  Attending the AGM is a good opportunity to get to know the senior management and to ask questions one may have about the business.  However, it is hard for me to take time off from my work, and I would like to reserve my leave for unexpected situations that occur within the family.  Hence, I have been giving the AGMs a miss.  I hope to be able to attend them when I retire.

There is the popular axiom to "sell in May and go away".  It is supposed to be a seasonal trade strategy to avoid the weakness in the stock markets between May and October.  But I have never tried it, so I cannot vouch for its effectiveness.  I have seen stocks that trended higher after I sold them, so I must profess that I am a lousy market timer.  I prefer to hold the stocks, and earn some dividend cash as well as side income via SGX's Securities Lending programme.

Companies will report their 1Q 2024 result soon.  Confirmed dates are:

2 May 2024 - DBS
8 May 2024 - UOB
10 May 2024 - OCBC

The average yield for June's issuance of Singapore Savings Bond has gone up to an estimated 3.33%.  This is tantalizing in my view.  I will apply for $20,000 of the June issue.  With various central banks (except BOJ) looking to cut rates in 2H 2024, I doubt the yield will go up much higher.

The mid-year examinations will begin soon for my two kids.  We are ramping up the revision tempo, so that they can be adequately prepared.  Looking at the careless mistakes made during their practice assessments, we are a little worried about their peformance.

On 7 May 2024, the Ministry of Education will open the application for the Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec).  My wife and I intend to apply on our older boy's behalf, who is in his final school year.  We hope to be able to secure an interview based on his leadership track record.  Meanwhile, we will take the chance to tour the different secondary schools during their Open House in the month of May.

Until next time, take care!

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