Saturday, August 31, 2019

Portfolio Summary for August 2019

As of 31 August 2019

Cash Equity

Security# SharesPricePortfolio %
DBS Group400$24.5330.03%
Old Chang Kee5,000$0.73511.25%
Portfolio Market Value = $32,672

SRS Equity

Security# SharesPricePortfolio %
Sheng Siong Group8,700$1.1821.73
CapitaCommercial Trust3,000$2.1313.52%
Frasers Commercial Trust2,446$1.648.49%
Portfolio Market Value = $47,252

Time flies in a hurry.  I celebrated my older son's, my wife's as well as my own birthday this month.  I was amused and touched, when my five-year-old son tried to buy a birthday cake for me with his sole $1 coin.  It is little acts like this that make me feel grateful to be a father.

On the US-China trade war, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.  The protest situation in Hong Kong had worsened, with violence being a common scene.  An economist had predicted that Hong Kong will precipitate a global recession (news).  I feel it is a bit premature for such a call, but I have been monitoring the market for an opportunity to buy shares of companies on my watchlist at a good price.

Trade Actions

LHT Holdings
I sold my position in LHT Holdings at $0.51 apiece.  I couldn't explain the peculiarly consistent 10,000+ shares that changed hands everyday as the price declines.  It is as if a substantial shareholder is selling his/her stake, bit by bit daily.  It started on April 13, even though there wasn't any drastic change in the company's fundamentals.  As this downward price creep is not observable in the other micro caps on my watchlist, it made me very uncomfortable.  I tried writing to Investor Relations for an explanation, but to no avail.  Since the price hit my stop-loss, I steeled myself and had to let go of the position.  I may revisit this company when the selling pressure has ceased.

Old Chang Kee
I added 4,900 shares of Old Chang Kee (OCK) at $0.725 apiece.  I feel OCK occupies a sweet spot in the F&B industry, providing more than a nibble and less than a full meal.  The profit margin is relatively stable and inflation-proof - I have seen how the price of an OCK curry puff rose over the years from $0.90 to $1.50 today.  The only concern is their UK joint venture, which is still bleeding money every quarter.  Hope OCK management can either scrap the idea, or properly evaluate a route to profitability.


The average yield on Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) has fallen below 2%.  Based on current outlook, it is unlikely the rate will rise in the near term.  Next month's SSB yield is expected to sink even lower to 1.75-1.76%.

Looking Ahead

Honestly, if even Warren Buffett is hoarding cash (news), it says much about the stock market at the moment.  It is tough to know what the unpredictable President Trump may do to incur China's retaliation and bring about a full-blown trade war.

Should the current trade hostility escalates, and the global economy plummets into a recession, it can be assured that the stock market will not be spared either.  As the cliché goes, the best time to buy stocks is when there is blood on the street.  I am standing by a small 'warchest' in case this scenario come to fruition.

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  1. Wishing you health and richness (family!) OCK is also one of AK's favourite stock xD I like your SSB portfolio..

    1. Hello 30YearOldInvestor,

      Thank you for visiting my blog! Wishing you and your family good health and prosperity too!